Beat A Bitch Up! YUP!

Beat A Bitch Up! YUP!
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Beat A Bitch Up! YUP!

Dec 12 2023 | 01:05:22

Episode December 12, 2023 01:05:22

Show Notes

Todays show was  all about being something youre not behind that keyboard and and having to beat on bitch about what belongs to you ! Lol This was a hilarious episode with a few of my usual friends, O.G Bobby , Shae Genee, and Darla ! I also got some good advice from Yoshi about how i could have handle my situation! Tune in to this episode and if you have any advice or even any messy stories similar, send them to my email at [email protected]!!! ENJOY



O.G Bobby

FB: O.G Bobby

Darla (VintageCream)


Shae Genee’

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Music By: Cayden Samuel


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