Friends…How many of us have them ❗️

Friends…How many of us have them ❗️
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Friends…How many of us have them ❗️

Jan 02 2024 | 01:03:31

Episode January 02, 2024 01:03:31

Show Notes

Today we had a few new faces with us, and boy, did we have a ball with this topic! Dana, Shekayla, and Nya joined us today for a little “Girl Talk”! I also had Darla and Shae with me of course! The conversation was about friends and what the definition of “friends” means to each one of us! We all could relate. Nya came in with a “Messy Moment and my GOD WAS SHE MESSY❗️ lOl Shekayla made her grand entrance, yes she was casually late, but she came in ready to talk but was a bit confused on the “Two truths, One lie” game! Lol PRESS PLAY AND ENJOY THIS CONVERSATION! 




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